Who is George Jung?

Posted: April 2, 2007 in Movie Reviews

You may be asking who is George Jung? George Jung, more commonly known as Boston George, was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Weymouth. He started out as a marijuana smuggler in the 1960s with his friend Moe Petracco, importing hundreds of pounds from Mexico, stealing airplanes, and flying from Puerto Vallarta to California. After quite a while his business grew to the point where he was making over $100,000 a month and had started using professional pilots; he was eventually arrested in Chicago with 660 pounds of marijuana at the Playboy Club. His “buyer” had been busted and set him up.

Next will be why is he on my blog? If you’ve seen the movie Blow, you might get it. This movie is starring Johnny Depp as Mr. Jung. I won’t forget the part where he was making a record tape from the prison to send to his father. “I remember when I was 10 and you told me money isn’t real. I’m 45 years old and I finally understand what you want to say.” His father very old but still sane, cries as he listens to the record. As if he’s listening to the voice of his little son, not to a convicted coccaine dealer.

Jung in the movie, broke his ‘heart’, which is referred to Kristina Sunshine Jung, his only daughter. She was his light, and what kept him going. Leaving Kristina waiting with his promise to move in to California while he got setup with his old friends to get arrested again. Just the moment when he thought he’ll be starting a new life with his kid, is the moment it all ended in prison.

This movie is a classic one. A two thumbs up.


  1. Damon says:

    two thumbs up!
    This movie is gona go right #1 in my fav list..

    • lisa says:

      OMG. I saw Blow again tonight and cried my eyes out. Normal folks just like us, but knew how to make a quick buck. My heart broke for dad and his daughter. So sad

  2. Steve says:

    I just watched the movie BLOW — and although my drug wasn’t illegal ( it was music ) I can relate to the man in my
    own way!! I also lost contact with my daughter due to all the broken promises, and many miles between us over the years. My prision, is now my life without her!! My hat goes off to all the fathers who have stayed the course!! Z

  3. Leif says:

    Den beste filmen æ har sed : )
    Trist at det endet sån med George da : (

  4. Dennis says:

    Being a father is the most important thing in my life after my faith. The movie Blow has to be the third. I am a child of a drug dealing father who much like Boston George chose drugs over his children. So in fact I lived my life from both “George Jung” and “Kristina Jung’s” perspective. I understand the hurt and pain and voids of Kristina’s childhood to adulthood of not having her father in her life. I also empathize with George. I too sold drugs and did time. However, I sold drugs when I was a teenager and went to prison early. When I was in prison, I vowed I would never sell drugs again and serve God. That was twelve years ago. And I am thankful to say, I kept true to my word and haven’t sold drugs since. I now have children of my own and I often shed tears of both pain and happiness. The pain of not being able to know the love of a father when I was a child and the happiness of being able to see my children grow, learn, and play with me, their father. Blow is the most horrifying and terrifying movie for any father. This movie definetly helps me keep perspective of life and how I can end up if I turn back to dealing. One of my biggest fears is being locked up away from my children while they need me to provide for them, be there for them and love them. Being locked up and not being there for their “big” events in life would destroy me. My soul cries for you George Jung. I pray for you. And most importantly, I thank you George for painting that picture that scares the life out of me. Read my blog and feel my pain. But most importantly, know my redemption and gratitude.

    • Erlin Evans says:

      I was impressed when I read your story. I’m proud of you for being a very good father to your children. I was in tears also when I saw the movie ‘Blow’…that was a very good movie to be watched. I am glad that you had stop dealing with drugs after you were out of jail and dedicated to be closer to God. There is always a chance to be changed if we wanted to. I also will pray for George Jung and his family. I am sure that our Lord will touch him and give him a chance to be saved, before it’s too late. All of us ever had a bad past, and it’s nothing wrong to remember that, because that way can make us realize how good God is, who have kept us alive. Thanks God for that.

  5. Sam says:

    I’ve seen this movie a million times. I love it, but everytime I watch it I cry. At the end when he believes Kristina came back just tears me up. Do you know where she really is now? Or maybe where Mirtha is? Please get back to me!

  6. Tazzo says:

    I just saw this movie BLOW.. and it is mindblowing! I loved it.. Although it’s painful, it does teach a lesson to everyone.. I did google his name and read a wiki on him, I was glad to know that his daughter Kristina has finally visited him in 2002 after the release of the movie in 2001.. May God show us the straight path and help us follow it.. Amin

  7. allen says:

    ~ iLove you George Jung i want to see you,,,, in personaL….

  8. Christine says:

    Kristina Sunshine Jung now lives in California with her spouse and children. In the spring of 2002, a year after the film was made, she eventually visited him and said she was “sorry for not coming sooner.”

  9. Noreen Gunther says:

    I just finished watching your movie and I really felt compelled to look
    George Jung up over the internet. Johnny Depp portrayed an addict to perfection…..but more than that, he showed anyone who watched that movie what being an addict feels like on the inside. I am a recovering addict from East Boston Ma. I picked up to kill the terrible feeling of awkwardness that I could not shake. The drugs took away that feeling for awhile but eventually replaced it with something much worse. I lived on the outskirts of life. My world became a gray colorless, scentless landscape that I bounced aimlessly in and out of.
    The feeling of desperation and utter defeat, that deep and constant feeling of loneliness that never went away, those feelings were portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie. That’s what came through the screen for me. It took me back to a place that I never thought I could get away from. I am one of the lucky ones. I have been clean for almost five years. My addiction took me to prison for 7 years. It took away my family, my children…it took me away.

    I am a single mother of 3 children. Of course I unknowingly took them hostage. I pulled them right through the wreckage with me.
    Today I am free. My addiction is at bay, my family is back in my life. My word actually means something today.

    My heart and soul goes out to the millions still struggling, the people
    who never got their families back. The people who try to pick up the pieces time after time only to have their addiction knock them back to square one over and over.

    I treat my addiction today as an allergy. I can not do drugs of any kind. I am allergic to them. Every time I take them, I break out in
    handcuffs. 🙂
    The best of luck always to you George J. and to Johnny Depp, your strength and commitment to your job shines right through you. You
    portrayed the life of an addict, inside and out.

    You showed how much of a friend cocaine was to you…..right up until the moment it betrayed you.

    Take care and God bless

  10. mohammed says:

    Hey George…
    i wish you can say hi back to me …
    i watched the movie more than 20 times …because is my …every time i watch the movie and every time i think about george jung …i get hurt so hard in my feelings i swear …i even cant find the right words to discribe how i feel after i hear this ” you’re the best dad…i wish i could’ve done more for ya…i wish we had more time “…do you have any idea it does hurt me …’through out my life time i’ve left pieces of my heart here and ther..and now ther is almost not enough to stay alive …but i force a smile knowing thhat my ambition far exceeded than my talent …ther are no more white horeses or pretty ladies at my door ” …no body has any idea how i really feel sorry and hurt for some one deserves the best and nothing except the best…a great father..a great son that he only wanted the good for his familly and of course am talking about tge greatest george jung…
    you’re the best george …i wish i can meet you or talk to you…i really do …but i even dont know where are you right now because they said that you’re gonna be out until 2015 …
    i wish i can visite you…i wish that more than anything else in my life i swearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….any way ” may the wind always be at your back..and the sun always upon your face ..and may the wind of destiny to carry you aloft to dans with starts ” i love you george ….
    Love You’re freind Simo

    • Lani says:

      very emotional one. 🙂 i hope George has internet access from where ever he is right now and read this. 🙂

  11. Jasmine Wade says:

    i love this movie, ive seen it so many time and its like watching it for the fist time each time i see it.

  12. ANTHONY says:


  13. B says:

    I love the movie, ive seen it more times then i can count…most of the times i watched it i was actually coked out. But it always makes me cry whenever it shows him thinking his daughter is there in the end of the movie but then she dissapears. I just read something that said she did go to visit though which made me smile. My dad is finishin off his 8th year this year and should be getting out soon…but im sure he will end up right back in and die behind bars. He is already 39 years old and i dont think he is tryin to change anytime soon.

  14. callum says:

    it is the best film i have ever seen by a mile

  15. Alexis says:

    I´m glad couse I read he finally could met her doughter after the movie ¨blow¨.
    Regards from Argentina!

  16. grwelz says:

    good movie, true too life protrayal of life in the 70-80’s. very emotional, it was a lot of fun, but left a lot of wreckage. it is too easy to remember the excitement so watching this movie really keeps the downside current. good story good acting

  17. KIM says:


  18. will says:

    2 thumbs up dont have that many thumbs for what i would give it, I feel the guy and i think he stood right by his thoughts its all he knew and a quick way to support his, gorge j yung not because of the movie im a fan. His story was awsome gives u lots of lessons wether ur a dealer or not, u think his daughter is fked up because of his wife and his daughter dreams he is where he is he is a grown man to make right choices but he did just with the wrong person he made the choice of doing what he had to to be with the thing he loved most, i would do whatever for mines too.

  19. rogertorvik says:

    this movie never gets old but very sad you cant even trust friends!

  20. s says:

    I feel sad for the relationship that a father and daughter never had. I understand why she never visited her father for many years, yet part of me feels for a father who never knew another way to make a living to support his daughter( as portrayed in the movie). I only know the details from the movie and the internet…. I am sure there is pieces missing. I only hope for, that both have found peace either on their own or with each other.

  21. edwin ramirez says:

    i saw the movie many times and it breaks my heart how your friends set u up u cant trust anyone but i really feel sorry for your daughter that she had to grow up with out her dad you hang in there george you will be out soon.

  22. Chuck says:

    The thing I dont get is that the drug dealer dosent see all the lives the drugs are distroying. they are bringing in to the country noting but death and pain for all these lives. there are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, all trapped in the utter hell of addiction. some child some where right at this moment is screaming and crying for thier parent. that parent is going to spend that money on dope instead of food, clothes for thier child. I have very little sympathy for smuggler or dealers. All the pain and destroyed lives. they should give the death penalty to smugglers and life to dealers. And some user is going to commit suiside this very night, because they cant stop. everyday millions of people throw themselves away ’cause they cant stop using. So tell me how can I be sympathetic to these deamons?!?!

    • Lisa says:

      I still felt bad for George. You are absolutely right though….people don’t think

    • Tina says:

      To Chucks reply: There all ALL types of people who get addicted to drugs and cannot control it! Good people get caught up in it. Sometimes love and support helps, sometimes it does not, because they are to far gone.It is very sad. if you have children, parents,would you help them off the drugs? Or would you condemn them too?

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